679 Fabulous Double Tiger Symbolic Chinese Child's Hat

#679 Fabulous Double Tiger Symbolism-Rich Chinese Children’s Silk Hat. Well-preserved tiger hat with excellent facial features with an unusual hair short beard and exquisite silk embroidery on gold foil on the tiger’s cheeks and ear flaps; Symbolism include two archers representing “perfect virtue’ with a harmonious balance of all inner and outer forces, lotus flower for purity, peony for wealth and honor, pomegranate for fertility, and peach for immortality; the bottom of the black silk wind flap has the triple whammy for longevity of a crane, a gorgeous fine tree, and a classy deer. Top tiger is also carefully executed with unusual rolled silk whiskers; good long blue brocade silk decorative ribbons down back; good orange and blue silk lining; c 1900; northern China; 19” circumference     


  • Price: $650

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