677 Gold-Foil Double Tiger Silk Chinese Children's Hat

#677 Gold-Foil Double Tiger Silk Han Chinese Child’s Hat. Well-preserved black silk tiger with a second lively orange silk tiger on top; top tiger has good facial features including a purple tongue, an appliquéd nose with a small wanzi (swastika) sign which for the Chinese represents "conducive to well-being or auspicious”, and two silk tassels with longevity symbols; Sides of the bottom tiger have fine silk embroidered images of flowers and birds on gold foil; an exquisite wind back flap edged with finely embroidered symbols of the Daoist Eight Immortals: flute, castanets, and flower basket; centered with a lotus flower on gold foil; Good green brocade  silk lining; the whiskers are repaired; c 1900-1910; northern China; 20” circumference     


  • Price: $600

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