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Bl -294 Zhaung Minority Wedding Quilt Top. Pristine appliqué quilt of 30 8” squares divided in fourths each quarter with a central diamond with an X; handwoven indigo including batik and natural cotton and bright commercial print and solid cottons and few satins; additional top row of 10 4” squares backed with paper rather than handwoven indigo backing other squares; all hand-stitched mostly handwoven white cotton borders; excellent condition; 3rd quarter 20th c; Wu'ai area, Nandan County, Guangxi Province

Welcome to Textile Treasures specializing in vintage Chinese Children’s Hats as well as Chinese Minority textiles and jewelry.  The People's Republic of China officially recognizes 56 nationalities which make up their population. The Han people speaking dialects of Chinese comprise approximately 91% of the population, while the minority nationalities belonging to various other linguistic groups compose the remaining 9%. The Miao, Dong, Zhaung, Yi, Yao, Hani, Buyi, and Maonan living in mountainous areas of the southwestern provinces of Guizhou, Guangxi, Hunan, Yunnan, and Sichuan are the main minorities whose incredible work are represented in our website.

All of the textile work offered on this site are traditional pieces created by hand. Efforts are made to be as accurate as possible in dating the items and when possible explaining the techniques involved in what is nearly always extremely elaborate, highly skilled and time-consuming work. In addition to vintage pieces, we are committed to providing a market for those skilled crafts people who are able to continue their traditional handicrafts in their rapidly changing world.

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